Playing with Unity again

I got the itch to start working with a game engine again! I found some great tutorials and I’m getting back into it. This is also perfect for getting the ball rolling on a little side project that has been gathering dust.

I think I’m about done with this experiment after this update. Time to move on to other more interesting projects!


  • Update 2: Fixed a lot in this second and final update..
    • Added colliders to the trees but didn’t bother with the rock details because I didn’t want to spend the time adding hero rocks and basically re-doing all of the details.
    • I fixed the shader/transparency issues I was having with the imported meshes.
    • Added snow, steam (from the hot spring) and fire particle systems.
    • Added sound effects
    • Added subtle wind effecting the trees.
    • Baked lightmaps!
  • Update 1: I added a quick tent I built in Maya (yeah, the UVs and texture need work, haha) and added in the skydome. I tweaked the tree view distance and I think it hurt performance in the web player. I’ll be tweaking that again for the next update.
  • I’ll be updating this over time. There’s not much to it yet, just experimenting with terrain building.

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