Vemma #YoungPeopleRevolution

I worked on this project with the other video guy at Vemma and with a 26-year-old Vemma Brand Partner (independent distributor) who is about to make his SECOND MILLION DOLLARS from Vemma. I did all of the graphics & animation, recorded all of the audio and probably shot a little footage in there too. It […]

New Verve Energy Shot launch

This project was fun and turned out really well for only having a week to finish this project! We brought in our friendly local photographer/videographer (sadly, I don’t quite have time to do EVERYTHING, despite what I try to tell myself) and he shot video of my co-workers arms. I ran the footage upstairs and […]


We created this animation as an example of an informational demo for a client. Our Art Director provided the concept and photoshop files and I animated in After Effects. I removed the company identity from the project.

Oil Drop

I created this PSA for the beginning of a Used Motor Oil Campaign. I used a few different fluid simulations in Maya to generate the oil spreading over the water droplets, the surface displacement and the movement of the grid of droplets, which were particles with the water/oil droplets parented to them. The rest was […]