Voices of VR #102 – Must listen!

GDC 2015 recap with lots of great info and ides on HTV Vive, lighthouse, etc. http://voicesofvr.com/102-ben-langs-gdc-recap-impressions-lighthouse-htc-vive-sony-morpheus-oculus-crescent-bay-eye-tracking/

Software Integration Assignment 1

For my Software Integration class, CSE 446, the first assignment was a two-part refresher on working with WCF RESTful services and C#. The first part was simply a RESTful service with default URI template and a web application that consumed the service. The second part consisted of the same RESTful service with a different URI […]

Computer Science, Fall 2014

Finishing up my unofficial Junior year at ASU in Computer Science, I wanted to give an overview of what I learned. I’m still finishing up some math courses and lab sciences so I’ll leave those out. CSE 445 – Distributed Software Development The course is all about software as a service (SAAS), software-oriented architecture, etc […]


Made a little Flappy Bird clone with Unity and Playmaker. Spent an hour or two and I’d like to spend a little more time polishing it and actually adding some visuals! I had been thinking about simple game ideas to build and it doesn’t get much simpler than Flappy Bird

Rebuilding the website

I suddenly started getting the “White screen of death” on here and I’m not sure why as I hadn’t touched this site in a while. In any case, I have restored my posts but there are many shortcodes from the overkill theme I was using. I’m going to be removing them and sticking with a […]

Hello, Triangle – OpenGL 4

Just worked through the Hello Triangle OpenGL 4 tutorial from Anton Gerdelan (@capnramses). Its been hard to find good OpenGL 4 tutorials and books! I’m using these tutorials to  supplement OpenGL SuperBible 6th ed.. It just assumes you already know too much and I like to work through complete examples and experiment. I also worked through the […]