Computer Science, Fall 2014

Finishing up my unofficial Junior year at ASU in Computer Science, I wanted to give an overview of what I learned. I’m still finishing up some math courses and lab sciences so I’ll leave those out. CSE 445 – Distributed Software Development The course is all about software as a service (SAAS), software-oriented architecture, etc […]


Made a little Flappy Bird clone with Unity and Playmaker. Spent an hour or two and I’d like to spend a little more time polishing it and actually adding some visuals! I had been thinking about simple game ideas to build and it doesn’t get much simpler than Flappy Bird

Phoenix Comicon 2012

Phoenix Comicon was a good time this year! I was there more than I expected but spending a few days with friends and family surrounded by nerd culture was needed. I was surprised at how popular Doctor Who is, especially since I haven’t seen any of it yet. Apparently I’m gonna have to rectify that […]

Playing with Unity again

I got the itch to start working with a game engine again! I found some great tutorials and I’m getting back into it. This is also perfect for getting the ball rolling on a little side project that has been gathering dust. I think I’m about done with this experiment after this update. Time to […]

My Top Oldschool Games

Recently I saw a Top Ten games list on Kotaku via Twitter. I started thinking about what my top ten games are and the more I thought about it, the more I thought it would be a great first (real) blog post. These are the games that really stand out for me in my history […]