Computer Science, Fall 2014

Finishing up my unofficial Junior year at ASU in Computer Science, I wanted to give an overview of what I learned. I’m still finishing up some math courses and lab sciences so I’ll leave those out.
CSE 445 – Distributed Software Development
  • The course is all about software as a service (SAAS), software-oriented architecture, etc
  • Course mostly revolves around C# and .NET and I actually enjoyed using them. I have been using C# in Unity and used Java all last summer so it was easy to get up and running
  • Learned about SOAP and RESTful services. Wrote and deployed services and interacted with existing services on the web such as the Flickr API.
  • Learned about XML and JSON. Wrote and consumed both.
  • Touched on multithreading and concurrency issues again. This topic comes up every few courses at ASU and I feel that it probably just needs its own dedicated course.
  • Configured Visual Studio and MS IIS for deploying SOAP and RESTful services.
CSE 412 – Database Management
  • This class was rather disappointing. It spent a lot of time covering low-level concepts such as how databases handle concurrency, failure and recovery, and oldschool query languages include such as Relational Algebra and Tuple-Related Calculus (TRC), which were precursors to SQL.
  • What I really enjoyed about the class was learning to convert requirements to database tables and learning more about SQL.
  • We were also exposed to MS Access and Oracle.

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