UDK Simple Level

I started exploring Unreal Development Kit (UDK) again..

Put together this level with help from 3D Buzz (love that site). Nothing fancy, yet…

This level has:

  • Areas with BSP Brushes – I redid the ceiling like 10 times.. what a pain!
  • Static meshes – Haven’t made my own yet, but they’re on their way.
  • Kismet running Matinee animation to open and close door – my favorite part!
  • Sound effects – sound is 50% what you see
  • Lightmass priority volume – uh cool?
  • Post processing effect volume – definitely cool.
  • Lighting using lights and illuminated materials – sweet illuminated materials
  • Scorpion vehicle – vehicles are so much fun
  • Rocket Launcher pickup – no in-game rocket launcher in UDK 🙁 Guess I’ll have to make some weapons as well!

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