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In an attempt to start posting more regularly, a thought I had was to start posting interesting links! Here’s a few links I use mostly for organizing my life..


I started using Springpad a few years ago and I immediately fell in love. It was a perfect one-stop collection box for bookmarks, notes and anything else I wanted to tuck away for future reference. I had a small collection of bookmarks in delicious and I had tried out xmarks. Springpad now looks a lot like pinterest but pinterest has social down. I’m a little worried that Evernote + Pinterest might tag-team my love for Springpad..


A pseudo-competitor to Springpad – Evernote has the ability to do everything Springpad does but it really excels as a writing tool. I had been using Google Docs (now Drive) for my cloud writing needs but lack of support on ipad was a huge detractor for when I wanted to jot down a few ideas or edit something on the go. I was also researching a better task management and goal-setting system around the same time. I started experimenting with evernote and GTD and I really like how it works with evernote.

The Secret Weapon

What really got me jump-started with GTD + Evernote. I’m still learning how to make it work best for me but I like it.

Sketchbook Pro

A great app for Sketching on my iPad. Another tool that I feel has major potential every time I open it but that I haven’t integrated into a good workflow yet.  Brief rant: Autodesk really needs to make their site more visually appealing.. For a company that is deeply embedded in the creative field, their website is really boring, don’t you think?


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