Software Integration Assignment 1

For my Software Integration class, CSE 446, the first assignment was a two-part refresher on working with WCF RESTful services and C#. The first part was simply a RESTful service with default URI template and a web application that consumed the service. The second part consisted of the same RESTful service with a different URI template and either a Silverlight or Windows Phone app to consume the service.

Since it is 2015 at the time of this post, Silverlight is deprecated so I attempted a Windows Phone application. I am running a late 2013 rMBP with a Windows 8.1 VM and VS2013. Apparently Windows Phone emulators do not like to be run (assumingly) on a guest OS. After a few hours trying to figure that out, I tried on my desktop Win7 machine. Of course I hit a wall there too.. Win7 only supports development of Windows Phone 7 apps and VS2013 only supports development of Windows Phone 8 apps. So apparently I just have bad combinations of OS and VS.

Back to Silverlight.  One wall I hit on that front are using different methods to call a RESTful service and parse XML than a regular WCF application. The other wall was the security sandbox Silverlight plays in and it just did not want to access another service on localhost. After some more fighting I ended up with a clienaccesspolicy.xml that did the trick and Silverlight was happy.

Threw some animiation into my number guess “game” and I had a dark little game to submit 🙂

It’s in BitBucket

Also, Why isn’t there a RESTful service template in Visual Studio?


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